Some aphorisms

What you learn can usually be described in a few sentences, else it is either not a wisdom worth learning or you haven’t learnt at all.

There are some that I have stumbled through day dreaming or have cooked up for this blog post. Either ways it does not matter, since wisdom does not lie in what is wisely conceived but in what is wisely perceived. Only intention that I have is that they should at least be entertaining.

Here are a few of them .

  • Simplicity is the touchstone. If I take two hours to describe a fan, then there is something wrong with the fan or my description of it. In most cases, this distinction does not matter.
  • All that comes, will go.  Some defend that is going. Only honest reason is that they are invested in it. We are all deeply invested in some things that will go.

  • There is always a right and a wrong. All that I want to do to myself is right. All that I want to enforce on others is wrong. There is a disagreement and we are all usually fighting for the reverse. That is ugly.
  • Intellectuals are those that have advertised their inability as abilities.
    Ignorant are those that haven’t advertised at all.
  • All that glitters is not gold. I have an alternative that says all that is costly is not good. But that which is good is definitely not cheap.
  • Persona is an investment in myth. It only grows bigger with time. The more that we don’t remember, the more we are certain, we know about it, the way it should be.
  • Management through consensus almost always results in that which is agreed publicly but disagreed privately.
  • Leaders do not ask what is to be done but leads others to what ought to be done. Managers asks what has to be done and manages to ask others to do it.
  • Time and tide waits for none. Yeah but they keep repeating themselves.
  • Good things don’t repeat themselves. Good novels are fantastic in literal sense.
  • Advertisement results in maximum return when everyone believes in the crowd.
  • You have to see for yourself that what I profess is true and what advertisement professes is usually not true.
  • When you find that a reader is blamed for his inability to read through a convoluted and badly written book,  then you need no further proof.
  • Author, message and a style are integrated in the final product, a book. A good critic distinguishes the three and only reflects on message and style while a bad critic reflects on ..
  • You can call the bluff when someone says the debt is good by asking him to pay out of his own pocket.
  • Debt is only good when you take it and some one else pays for it. Debts are like bribes.
  • Values are like vanity maintenance. You like it when some one pays for it but you deride it when you incur the cost.

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