Don’t do things that hold you back

Don’t be aggressive and not be conducive to letting things go.
Don’t keep a low profile, not speak up or don’t volunteer for work.
Don’t take credit for everything. Make sure you give credit to others too.
Don’t make being unattractive as an excuse. You can do away with it. We all have something good and we can build on that.
Don’t make lack of experience an excuse, volunteer for work that can enhance your experience.
Don’t think you are too smart for a job or a work. You can just do it some times. Be an apprentice for a work for some time.
Don’t think it is too late to learn new skills or try something new. Be willing to network and explore a new world.
Don’t think you are too old. It is really an old excuse!
Don’t feel alienated. You are not alone, you are in a team but keep your burning desire to succeed.

Don’t write as I have written it. Don’t use “Don’t”.

Don’t let things hold you back.


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